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Rhema Word Productions Studio 1A offers two isolation rooms for vocal recording.

Iso-Room 1 is equipped with your choice of an Audio Technica Pro 365 Microphone or a Shure SM57 for spot on Vocals.

Iso-Room 2 is efeatures a RODE NT1A vocal microphone for that warm melodic vocal quality.

Our Drum Room is equipped with a full five piece Mapex Drum Kit and seven CAD microphones.

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Rhema Word Productions is your all-in-one multimedia production company. Currently we're offering a six hour recording session to record, mix, and master a four song demo for $325.00 (that's 50% off the regular price).

Studio rental fees are currently $50.00 an hour for recording and $25.00 an hour for editing and mixing.
The fee for mastering is $50.00 per hour. This offer includes two (2) copies of a four song mastered demo. (A six hour recording minimum is required to produce a four song demo)

If you would like to duplicate your project on CD's the fee is $20.00 per hour for duplication time and $1.00 per inked CD...which will include a graphic logo and album label.

If you would like to add inserts for your jewel cases the fee is based upon graphic design. You can provide an image of your own design, or we can create one from scratch for you or your band.

(An example project fee for (2) copies of a four song mastered demo CD would be $300.00 for the studio time (six hours), (4) hours of mixing at $25.00 ($100.00), (4) hours of mastering at $50.00 ($200.00), and a one time graphic design charge of $50.00 which includes multicolor inked labels, and jewel cases.

For a grand total of $650.00

(Your cost is $325.00 until December 31, 2016)

Additional CD's are $1.50 each.The design fee can be negotiable between the client and the Rhema Word Productions graphics design team. Give us a call for our most current studio rental fees.
If you book a session with Rhema Word Productions and cannot attend your session a twenty-four (24) hour cancellation call is necessary or you will be charged a $20.00 NO SHOW - NO CALL FEE. In case of an emergency a call, email, or text is required to cancel your session. rhemawordproductions@comcast.net


Contact: Ask for Steve

(253) 312-5424



Rhema Word Productions

(253) 312-5424